Smarter Benefits Spending

Game Changing Healthcare Solutions

What we do

We have a fresh take on healthcare that delivers significant savings to employers while improving employee benefits and satisfaction.

Solutions for Any Business Size

We offer self-funded options for both large and small companies. Combined with our healthcare services, our solutions reduce costs and help your employees spend less money on healthcare needs. So, no matter the size of your company we promise you'll get more choice, greater savings and a premier service experience for your employees to love.

Health and Wealth Program

The Health and Wealth Program helps employees better control their health care expenses, while enabling healthier outcomes. Further, the use of the plan benefits can decrease claims, mitigate risk and reduce company FICA obligations adding more value to employers over time.

Exceptional Healthcare Services Set Us Apart

Our services include both medical and non-medical care, 24/7 access to health experts and convenient, cost-effective alternatives to traditional healthcare when your employees need it. These services will reduce claim expenses and improve employee productivity and reliability.

Employee Satisfaction

Many employees tremble at the thought of insurance, deductibles and health care expenses. We know the many fears surrounding this topic which is why we go above and beyond to earn your employees' trust. We immediately connect with your employees to guide and educate them on how to gain the most from your chosen solution.